• Amy  Huang

    "Focus on a player's interests & a fresh experience."

    Amy Huang, CEO - Mattel163

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  • Stara Gipson
    United States

    "Key your vendors in on what success means to you."

    Stara Gipson, Senior Growth Marketing Manager (Mobile) - Airbnb

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  • Anel  Ceman
    United States

    "Find the sweet spot as your users progress in the game."

    Anel Ceman, VP of Ad Monetization - Wildlife Studios

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  • Carolina  Guimarães

    "Explore new concepts & double down on what works."

    Carolina Guimarães, Head of Performance Marketing - Wildlife Studios

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  • Faith Price
    United States

    "The next big thing depends on consumer adoption."

    Faith Price, Director of Growth Marketing - DoubleDown Interactive

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