• Ignas Danielius

    "Find something simple that works, and build on it."

    Ignas Danielius, Senior Director of Analytics and Ad Operations - Zedge

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  • Yimin Gu
    United States

    "Marketing hinges on meeting users where they are."

    Yimin Gu, Director of User Acquisition - Scopely

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  • Kenneth  Wong

    "Approach ads as a producer."

    Kenneth Wong , Sr. Director of Ad Revenues - Scopely

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  • Plamen Stefanov

    "Introduce mini-games that complement your game."

    Plamen Stefanov, User Acquisition Manager - Tactile Games

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  • Natalia Simdianova

    "Practice makes the master."

    Natalia Simdianova, Head of Ad Monetization - ZiMAD

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