• Thanasi Chalkiadakis
    United States

    "Hone your creative messaging."

    Thanasi Chalkiadakis, Senior Growth Manager - Activision

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  • Robert  Garfinkle
    United States

    "Timing is key when it comes to messaging. "

    Robert Garfinkle, Head of Growth - WildCard Games

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  •  Melissa Lertsmitivanta
    United States

    "Demonstrate the ‘what’ & ‘why’ to your user."

    Melissa Lertsmitivanta, Director of Marketing - Realtor.com

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  • Mert  Ersöz

    "Stop assuming & start testing."

    Mert Ersöz, Head of Marketing - MagicLab Game Technologies

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  • Yann Fasbender

    "Experiment on the big levers."

    Yann Fasbender, Global Mobile User Acquisition Lead - Canva

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