• Jasmine Ye
    United States

    "Highlight product features that makes an impact."

    Jasmine Ye, Growth Manager - Snap

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  • Guilherme Ude Braz

    "A good product is step one, second is hitting the mark on your KPIs."

    Guilherme Ude Braz, Senior Director of User Acquisition - Mercado Libre

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  • Philippa Layburn
    United Kingdom

    "Work with your data team to identify predictive signals."

    Philippa Layburn, Senior User Acquisition Manager - Trailmix

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  • Gabby Bradford Pigott
    United States

    "ROI & growth stems from a close-knit team."

    Gabby Bradford Pigott , VP Partnerships - Candywriter

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  • Geoff Hladik
    United States

    "Small changes can have a sizable impact on your KPIs."

    Geoff Hladik, Head of Revenue & Growth - FlipaClip

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